How to install the domain reseller plugin

1. Request access to the domain reseller program by opening a ticket to Sales Dept.

3. Uncompress the file “”

4. Using your favorite FTP client, upload the directory “modules” to the root of your WHMCS install

5. Now from your WHMCS, go to “System Settings >> Domain Registrar”Β  and click “Active” next to RemarkableCloud

6. get your API Username and API Key fromΒ Customer Area >> Domains >> Reseller Area >> ConfigurationΒ (You API Username is your API Email Address) and save the changes

7. Now, let’s set your domain’s pricing. To do that, go to “System Settings >> Domain Pricing.”

8. Add all domain extensions you want to sell and click on “Save Changes” (to see all supported TLDs and prices, please go to “Customer Area >> Domains >> Reseller Area >> Pricing”). You will get an 8.70% discount over the price displayed in your Customer Area

9. Set your prices for any domain and period.

10. Save the changes and start selling domain names

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Updated on November 24, 2023

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