Best Affiliate Program One Payment and up to 20% Recurrent Commissions

Our affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by referring new customers to Us. Join our program and become part of our community of affiliates earning passive income while promoting High-Quality Cloud Hosting Services.

Earning with Remarkable Cloud One-Time and Monthly Commissions Explained

Remarkable Cloud’s affiliate program offers a powerful two-pronged approach to earning commissions: a one-time upfront bonus and ongoing monthly recurring commissions. This means you can get an immediate payout for each referred customer, plus enjoy a steady stream of income as long as they remain subscribed.

Here’s how it works:

The one-time commission is essentially a bonus payment you receive when a customer successfully signs up for a Remarkable Cloud plan through your referral link. The amount of this bonus depends on the customer’s chosen payment plan:

Here’s a precise breakdown of how the one-time commission works:

  • Monthly Payments:
    • Affiliate receives a one-time commission equal to one month’s service fee.
    • Example: Customer pays $100/month, affiliate earns a $100 one-time commission.
  • Annual or Longer Payments:
    • Commission is calculated by dividing the total payment by the number of months in the plan.
    • Example: Customer pays $1000 for a 12-month plan, affiliate earns a $83.33 one-time commission ($1000/12).

The recurring commissions in the Remarkable Cloud affiliate program offer a steady stream of income for as long as your referred customer remains subscribed. Here’s how it works:

The recurring commissions in the Remarkable Cloud affiliate program offer a steady stream of income for as long as your referred customer remains subscribed. Here’s how it works:

Commission rate: You earn a 10% commission on the customer’s monthly subscription fee. This applies to any plan they choose, whether it’s the same plan they initially signed up for or a different one they upgrade to later.


  • You refer a customer who signs up for a $100/month Remarkable Cloud Pro plan.
  • You earn a one-time commission of $100 upon their signup.
  • Starting from the second month, you’ll also receive a recurring commission of $10 per month (10% of $100).
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When you convert your commissions to Service Credits Double your Earnings

Want to boost your RemarkableCloud affiliate income by 100%? It’s easier than you think! Simply unlock the Double Commission Power by converting your monthly payouts into RemarkableCloud service credits. Here’s how it works:

  • Standard 10% commission: Earn a steady 10% back on every referral’s monthly subscription, just like always.
  • Double it to 20%: Choose to receive service credits instead of cash, and watch your commission instantly double to a rewarding 20%. Fuel your own hosting needs or expand your business with RemarkableCloud power.

It’s your choice: Embrace the flexibility and maximize your earnings with RemarkableCloud’s double commission option. Cash out, reinvest, or do both – the choice is yours!

Double your impact, double your earnings with RemarkableCloud. Start promoting today!

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Earn Double, Earn Steady: Why RemarkableCloud Affiliate is Your Dream Program

Craving an affiliate program that rewards you both instantly and long-term? Look no further than RemarkableCloud! We offer a winning combination of generous one-time commissions on signup and reliable recurring earnings for as long as your referrals stay onboard.

Get paid upfront: Refer a customer, instantly pocket a bonus equal to their first month’s hosting fee. Whether they choose a monthly plan or go annual, you’ll receive a sweet welcome reward.

Build a passive income stream: But the party doesn’t stop there! You’ll also earn a steady 10% monthly commission on every single renewal your referrals make. Think of it as a reliable bonus check rolling in every month, thanks to your smart referrals.

Promote quality with confidence: With RemarkableCloud, you’re not just an affiliate, you’re a champion of exceptional hosting services. Our blazing-fast servers, robust security features, and top-notch customer support will leave your referrals happy and loyal, translating to consistent earnings for you.

So, ready to ditch the one-and-done affiliate programs? Join RemarkableCloud and experience the double whammy of instant rewards and long-term income. Sign up today and start promoting hosting that pays off, big time!

RemarkableCloud Affiliate Program Faq's

You can earn both one-time commissions and recurring monthly commissions. The one-time commission equals one month’s service fee for monthly plans or is calculated based on the total payment divided by months for annual or longer plans. You’ll also earn a steady 10% monthly commission on each referred customer’s subscription as long as they remain subscribed

Commissions are paid within the first seven days of the month following a 30-day maturity period. This means you’ll typically receive your earnings early in the following month.

You can choose two convenient options:

  • Directly to your PayPal: Receive your commissions directly into your PayPal account for immediate access.
  • Credit towards RemarkableCloud services: Reinvest your earnings and add them as credit to your own RemarkableCloud account to fuel your hosting needs or expand your business.

Your monthly commission will be adjusted based on the new subscription fee. But don’t worry, you’ll still earn 10% on their current plan as long as they remain a paying customer.

You can easily track your referrals, commissions, and payouts through your dedicated affiliate dashboard. You’ll have access to real-time data and insights to optimize your promotional efforts.

Anyone with a website or online presence can join the RemarkableCloud affiliate program. We welcome bloggers, influencers, web developers, and anyone passionate about promoting high-quality hosting services.

Here’s how cancellations impact your commissions:

– Cancellation within the first 60 days: – If your referral cancels their service within the initial 60 days, you won’t receive any commission for that referral. This is to ensure that commissions are only paid for customers who have committed to using the service beyond the initial trial period.

– Cancellation after 60 days: – If the cancellation occurs after the 60-day period, you’ll keep any one-time commission you earned upon their signup (if applicable). However, the recurring monthly commission will stop since the customer is no longer subscribed.

ou have a wide range of options for promoting the RemarkableCloud affiliate program, with a few sensible limitations:

Get creative! You can promote through:

  • Your website or blog: Include banners, text links, and dedicated blog posts highlighting RemarkableCloud’s benefits for your audience.
  • Social media: Share engaging content and promotions on platforms relevant to your target audience. Leverage Facebook groups, Twitter threads, and relevant subreddits.
  • Email marketing: Create targeted email campaigns promoting RemarkableCloud to your existing subscriber base.
  • Video content: Create videos showcasing RemarkableCloud’s features and benefits, like reviews, tutorials, or comparisons.
  • Offline channels: Distribute flyers, brochures, or business cards with your affiliate link at conferences, meetups, or local events.

Important things to remember:

  • Avoid spam: Promote ethically and authentically, targeting relevant audiences interested in hosting solutions.
  • Paid media is welcome: You can use paid advertising channels like Google Ads or social media ads to reach wider audiences, but remember:
    • Don’t compete with RemarkableCloud’s own campaigns or keywords. Avoid bidding on the same keywords or targeting the same audiences RemarkableCloud is directly targeting.
    • Ensure transparency: Clearly disclose that you’re using affiliate links.

Basically, as long as you’re promoting genuinely and targeting relevant audiences, the possibilities are endless! We trust you to be creative and strategic in your affiliate efforts.

Remember, RemarkableCloud also provides additional marketing materials like banners, text links, and landing pages to help you effectively promote the program. Don’t hesitate to utilize these resources for your success.

We hope this clarifies where you can spread the word about RemarkableCloud and start earning with their fantastic affiliate program!

Absolutely! You can create your own ads and images to promote the RemarkableCloud affiliate program with the following guidelines:

Creativity is encouraged:

  • Design eye-catching visuals that resonate with your target audience. Showcase RemarkableCloud’s features and benefits in a compelling way.
  • Craft engaging ad copy that clearly communicates the value proposition of RemarkableCloud and entices viewers to click your affiliate link.
  • Utilize a variety of formats like banner ads, social media graphics, blog post images, or even short video clips.

Important limitations:

  • No RemarkableCloud logo: You cannot use the RemarkableCloud logo or any copyrighted material directly in your ads or images.
  • Transparency is key: Make it clear that your content is an affiliate promotion. Don’t mislead viewers into believing it’s an official RemarkableCloud ad. This can damage trust and violate program terms.
  • Avoid impersonation: Don’t pretend to be RemarkableCloud or use their brand voice or identity in your promotions.

Here are some creative ways to promote RemarkableCloud without using their logo:

  • Focus on your audience’s needs: What are their pain points when it comes to hosting? Design ads that address those needs and highlight how RemarkableCloud solves them.
  • Use screenshots or mockups: Showcase the RemarkableCloud interface and features visually, but use your own design elements instead of their logo.
  • Testimonials and quotes: Include positive feedback from real RemarkableCloud users in your ads to build trust and credibility.
  • Create explainer videos: Demonstrate how RemarkableCloud works and the benefits it offers through short, engaging video clips.

Remember, while RemarkableCloud may not allow direct use of their logo, you have plenty of creative freedom to promote their services effectively. Keep the focus on value, transparency, and audience relevance, and you’ll attract genuine clicks from potential customers.

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