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Reseller DirectAdmin Plus

Free WHMCS • MailChannels • Cloudlinux • Litespeed • LScache • Softaculous • Sitepad • JetBackup • CrossBox
Resell Domains at COST Prices • Cloud & Dedicated Servers

  • .com $8.57
  • .net $9.96
  • .org $8.99
  • $8.57
  • .click $1.95
  • +740 ext


Regular $29.95
$ 14
  • 2 vCPU Cores
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 80 GB NVME Storage
  • 50 Sub-Accounts
  • Free WHMCS
  • Resell Cloud Servers
50% OFF


Regular $49.95
$ 24
  • 4 vCPU Cores
  • 8 GB Memory
  • 160 GB NVME Storage
  • 100 Sub-Accounts
  • Free WHMCS
  • Resell Cloud Servers
50% OFF


Regular $69.95
$ 34
  • 6 vCPU Cores
  • 12 GB Memory
  • 240 GB NVME Storage
  • 150 Sub-Accounts
  • Free WHMCS
  • Resell Cloud Servers
50% OFF
The best Reseller DirectAdmin Package

We mean it

You will be able to sell top-quality, high-performance DirectAdmin Hosting, Domain Names, Cloud servers, Software Licenses, and SSL Certificates directly from your WHMCS.

With our DirectAdmin Reseller, you can compete with the big guys. You will get cost prices on Domain Names, SSL certificates, Cloud Servers, and software licenses.


WHMCS is included for free in all DirectAdmin Reseller Packages

FREE WHMCS Install and set up

We install and configure WHMCS for your

Resell Cloud Server at cost price

Get 50% OFF (cost price) on all Managed Cloud Servers, set your own prices and sell them directly from your WHMCS

Resell Domain Names at cost price

Yes, you read right, you pay what all big register companies like Godaddy pay for their domains

Resell SSL certificates at cost price

Sell top SSL Certificates directly from your WHMCS

30 day money-back guarantee

Buy with confidence If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, we’ll refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.

Reseller DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin Control Panel

DirectAdmin is a robust and reliable control panel that can be used to manage your hosting needs. You have access to domain management, email accounts, file manager plugin extensions, and other valuable tools through Direct Admin’s user interface, which makes it easy for anyone looking to manage their website Hosting tasks

  • Robust and reliable graphical control panel for web hosting tasks
  • Easily manage domains, e-mail accounts, file manager, SSL certificates, and more.
  • Stable, secure, and quick to implement new features
  • Less resource hungry 

Want to learn more about DirectAdmin?

Reseller DirectAdmin Hosting

Your customers will love all advanced features included






SSH Access




PHP Selector

Free WHMCS with extras

Your Reseller DirectAdmin packages come with everything you need to have a successful web hosting business, including WHMCS, the most popular hosting & billing automatization tool. Get WHMCS for free and save $18.95/month

Resell Servers at cost price

Start reselling Managed Cloud & Dedicated managed servers directly from your WHMCS, thanks to our WHMCS Reseller Module. Get a 50% Discount on all our Managed Cloud Servers

Resell Domains at cost price

Yes, you read it right, get domain names at ICANN prices ad sell them to your customers at your desired prices and directly from your WHMCS

Resell SSL Certificates

All your customers will get FREE SSL Certificates, but sometimes a Free SSL is not the best choice; with WHMCS + Our Reseller Module, you will be able to sell SSL certificates to your customers. We don’t make any money with SSL certificated, We got great deals from our providers, and we pass the savings to you

whmcs admin home
Reseller only tools

We know about resellers; after all, our founder started as a reseller +20 years ago, so we have put together all the tools your hosting business needs at the best price. Get on board and let’s grow together!

Custom Cloudlinux Limits

Create as many hosting packages as you want and set resource limits to each one, for example, you can set a budget plan with 1 vCPU+ 1 GB ram and your premium packages with 2 vCPU + 2 GB RAM, and overselling is enabled.

User configurable PHP

Your customers can select their PHP version, PHP Módules and php.ini, all this directly from their control panel; they can even use obsolete versions if they want to and don’t worry about their security, all PHP versions have current security patches in place, even the obsoleted ones.

cPanel Shared Hosting
The speed you want

Your customers will notice a significant performance boost in your service; our DirectAdmin Reseller Plans have the horsepower of a virtual server or a small dedicated server and are engineered for performance.

Litespeed / LSCache

Litespeed is the faster web server in the market, it serves your HTML and PHP faster, and for maximum performance LSCache is include for FREE in all Shared Hosting Plans

Powerfull Nodes

With 128 cores and 1024 of RAM, our nodes have the horsepower to handle your web and apps fast and without choking, forget about old and underpowered servers from other providers

NVME Storage

Do You think SSD was fast? Our NVME disks are more than 6x faster, and we put a lot of them in our nodes (10 to 12 per node) in RAID 10 arrays for maximum performance and data security

Emails than really works

You and your customers will enjoy the best experience with our mail service; we take care of your outbound mail to give them the best chance to go to your recipient inbox (not to the spam folder) without worrying about a bad IP reputation or noisy neighbors also MailChannels is included for free in all DirectAdminl Reseller Packages.

Outbound Mail Scan

All outbound mail is scanned for spam, so even in cases of hacked mail accounts the spam won’t be delivered and will not affect your domain and reputation

Mailchannels SMTP Delivery

All clean mail is sent to Mailchannels, the most reputable SMTP delivery service; with Mailchannels, your outbound mail travels in first class. Do you know that we pay a small fee for each mail you send? It’s expensive, we know but offering you the best mail service is priceless

DKIM, SPF and DMARC done right

Most email gets rejected or misclassified as spam because of incorrect mail server settings or wrong/missing important DNS records, We ensure your domain has the right SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records to avoid email issues.

Customers will love this

With your DirectAdmin Reseller plan, you can offer more and better services than your competitors, like our Webmail on Steroids CrossBox; with CrossBox, your customers will be able to do Audio/Video Conferences inside their team or with anyone outside; their account directly from their panel is like to have your Zoom and Slack inside and integrated with your mail and hosting account and is FREE.

Audio/Video Conference

Send an email with a link to start a Call or Video Call with a customer or co-worker, and You can invite you to join anyone inside or outside your organization

File Sharing

Work smarter with your team sharing files with colleagues in real time and directly for your webmail.

Screen Sharing

You won’t need Zoom or similar tools to share your screen with your audience. Ideal for increasing sales, training, working together with colleagues or providing support

and much more

This is only a small glimpse of all 48 CrossBox features, to see more please visit

Your Data is SAFE

Your data is sacred to Us. We maintain four copies of the data in four different locations: One copy is local, two sets are stored in remote backup servers, and one is securely sent to an external provider (Wasabi) and kept for 90 days. Your customers can use Jetbackup to download or restore data directly from Wasabi Backups

1. Hourly Snapshots

Every hour we take a complete snapshot of the servers, those snapshots are local, and with them, we can restore the entire server in seconds in case o problems affecting the whole server

2. Daily Backups to remote servers

Each day, we make a backup of the whole server which is stored in a different datacenter.

3. Remote Backup Sincronization

Every day we replicate the Remote Backups to another location within another provider in a different country. Yes, we make backups of the backups

4. Daily JetBackup Backups

Another backup is taken every day, these backups are stored in a external provider (Wasabi) for maximum protection, and kept then up to 9o days. you can access and restores those backups directly from your cPanel account

Fast & Friendly Support

We are here to help when you need us. Running a web hosting business can be challenging. We take care of keeping you up and running. You will be responsible for providing primary/basic technical support for your customer, but you can rely on us for complex issues.

Our tech support is fast, and we guarantee a human response in less than 60 minutes 24×7.

Security & Protection

Our security features include multiple firewalls, application security patches, malware detection, complete account isolation and free SSL certificates. Each of your customer’s accounts comes with advanced security features, including Cloudlinux CageFS to keep your environment private and safe, Imunify360 to protect your website from malware and attacks, and Jetbackup to carry out regular backups of your site.

Reseller DirectAdmin Plans

Technical Details

2 vCPU's
4 vCPU's
6 vCPU's
4 GB
8 GB
12 GB
NVME Storage
80 GB
160 GB
240 GB
WHMCS License
Panel DirectAdmin
Resell Cloud Servers
Resell Domain Names
Resell Bare-Metal
Resell SSL Certs
Custom DNS Servers
30 Days Guarantee
White Label
Overselling Enable
Custom PHP Version
Custom php.ini
SSH Access
Python Selector
Yarn & npm
WP Cli
DirectAdmin Control Panel
Cloudlinux Manager
Free SSL
Sitepad Webuilder Webbuilder
CrossBox Webmail
Audio/Video Confereces
Chat Channels
File Sharing
Screen Sharing
Outbound Antispam
Inbound Antispam
Unlimited Mail accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create my account?

If everything goes well with the payment and all your user information is correct, you will get access to your account in around a minute

Do you migrate my reseller account from another provider?

Yes, we migrate for free from any provider using cPanel, DirectAdmin, or Plesk. If you need a manual or unsupported migration, please contact Us for details

Can I upgrade my account as my business grows?

Off-Course! and we will help you to grow. We offer oversized resellers packages up to 16 cores and 64 GB ram; if your need more resources, we can provide a smooth transition to a Cloud or Bare-Metal Server

Does remarkablecloud really sells domains at cost price?

Yes, You will pay the same as any other ICANN accredited register pays, plus 4.99% to cover our transaction fees

Can i prepay for several months or years?

You can prepay for up to 36 months in advance. The more you prepay, the more you safe.

How can I start reselling cloud & dedicated servers?

You only need your Remarkablecloud Reseller Account and our WHMCS Módule, you can set your prices, and your customers will order their servers from you; all the provisioning process is automatic, and the servers are fully managed.

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