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Managed WordPress Hosting

Our Managed WordPress Hosting is the fastest, most reliable, and easiest way to get your WordPress website online. You don’t need any technical experience – we take care of everything for you. And our customer support is available 24/7 so you can always get help when you need it.

Single Site Managed WordPress Hosting

Hourly Snapshots - Performance Monitoring each minute - 100% Managed - Free Migration - Openlitespeed - LSCache - Redis

ServerMemoryCPU'sNVME StorageTransferFrom
WP-SX42 GB225 GB2 TB$15.00
WP-SX164 GB450 GB4 TB$27.00
WP-SX366 GB675 GB6 TB$39.00
WP-SX648 GB8100 GB8 TB$51.00

Renewal’s price  may vary based on the length of your contract

Our unique aproach

There are some excellent Managed WordPress Hosting Providers out there, like Kinsta or WP-Engine but our aproach is diferent and in some ways better

WordPress was created to be easy-to-use, and you don’t need a control panel or any other extra software. In fact, the more addons and features that are included with your website builder of choice can actually slow down performance on their own!
The reason why we do not have Control Panels at Renarkablecloud is because they take up valuable resources for developers and site owners who should focus all efforts into making amazing websites and content instead

WordPress was created to be an easy to use opensource  content management, you don’t need a control panel to use it, in fact, control panels can take away resources and performance

Need to install a plugin, create a staging site, or migrate your site from an external provider? We will do it for you, our Service is 100% Managed and covers everything inside and outside your WordPress site including Performance Tweaks, Security, Malware Removal, upgrades, plugins/themes installation, and debugging

Managed WordPress Hosting
cPanel Shared Hosting
The Fastest WordPress Hosting

When it comes to your website, you want the best possible performance and uptime. That’s why so many people choose Remarkablecloud for their WordPress hosting needs. Our state-of-the-art platform is designed specifically for WordPress, making sure that your site runs smoothly and quickly. Plus, our top-notch customer service means that you’re always taken care of. If you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting around, look no further than Remarkablecloud!

To make your WordPress site faster, you need to speed up the process of running PHP apps. We accomplish this by utilizing High-Frequency Processors (up to 4 GHz) and the latest generation processors from Intel or AMD and LSAPI the fastest way to run PHP Apps.

Your database is the heart of your WordPress Site, if your database server is slow the whole site will be slow, that’s why we have MariaDB 10.9 as your dedicated database server totally optimized for speed, We also use ProxySQL, which caches heavy and frequent queries to keep your site loading fast!

OpenLitespeed is fastest than Apache and Nginx by a quite margin, that’s why we chose OpenLitespeed as our web server. Need even more performance? You can upgrade to Litespeed Enterprise for an ultimate level of speed!

Memory cache is a great way to speed up your WordPress site by caching frequently used database queries in memory. This means that when you visit the page again, instead of executing all those operations from the beginning it will already have access and can get right down business without having any delays or lags!

LSCache is the best caching and optimization plugin for WordPress, Our WordPress Performance Experts will configure LSCache for you.

Fast storage is critical for WordPress speed, we have multiples NVME disk per node for maximum speed and data security

100% Fully Managed

You can focus on what matters to you, which is creating amazing content for your site. We provide a sleek and intuitive user experience without sacrificing performance or security We make sure that everything works perfectly so there are no headaches along the way

We monitor your site’s speed and performance on a minute-by-minute basis. If something is off the charts, we will take care of it for you!

  • DDoS Protection: Keep your WordPress site safe from DDoS attacks with our reliable and easy-to-use protection
  • Maximum Security: Stay secure with maximum security features, including automated backups and malware scanning.
  • Free Malware Removal: The Remarkablecloud team will work with you for free if your WordPress site has been hacked while it is hosted with Us.

Your WordPress site live on a virtual container, we take care of all aspects of Your WordPress Managed Hosting

You’ll never have to deal with WordPress issues again! We can fix anything that is not working right in your dashboard.


Better Performance - More Features - Less Price More Features


Do you have a Wowcommerce store? Take full advantage of our speed, reliability and security by hosting your WOWCommerce store in our 100% Managed WordPress Hosting containers

SSH Access

Your Managed WordPress Hosting includes SSH access to your container. Advanced users can manage their WordPress site through the command line


WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress. You can update plugins, configure multisite installations, and much more, without using a web browser and in included in your WordPress Managed Hosting 


Whether you’re making changes to your files or just checking out an earlier version, Git is the perfect way for WordPress developers. With powerful features like revertability and recoveries in case something goes wrong – this tool has got it all!

SFTP Access

Secure FTP (SFTP) or FTP over SSH is a standard feature in our Managed WordPress Hosting, no more insecure plain text FTP connections to your WordPress Website

Free SSL

FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the nonprofit Internet Security Research Group

Hourly Snapshots

Restore your site as it was an hour ago with our Hourly Snapshots, this is another life-saving feature included  for FREE in your Managed WordPress Hosting

Remote Backups

Remote Backups of your databases and files, we store your backups in two different remote locations

Speed Optimization

We will make your WordPress site as fast as possible, a WordPress Performance Specialist will tune your site for speed, this service is included for FREE in your Managed WordPress Hosting, Save more than a hundred dollars!

Frequently Asked Questions

A managed WordPress hosting service is a type of web hosting service that caters specifically to WordPress users. These services typically include features such as one-click WordPress installs, automatic updates, enhanced security measures, and performance optimization. Some managed WordPress hosts also offer additional services such as theme and plugin recommendations, 24/7 customer support, and more.

While unmanaged WordPress hosting services can be cheaper in the short term, they generally require more technical know-how and maintenance on the part of the user. This is why managed WordPress hosting can be seen as a better option for those who want to focus on managing their website content, rather than managing their website infrastructure.

An LXC container is a type of virtualization technology that allows you to isolate guest operating systems from one another on a single physical server. This guest operating system behaves like its own dedicated server but shares the underlying hardware with other guests.

LXC containers offer many benefits over traditional virtualization technologies, such as better performance and lower resource overhead.

Yes, we migrate your site with zero downtime, you only need FTP and database access

The WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI) is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can use WP-CLI to manage posts, users, themes, plugins, settings, and much more.

With WP-CLI, you can not only manage your WordPress site from the command line, but also automate many common tasks with scripts. For example, you could use WP-CLI to bulk create posts or users, or top migrate an existing WordPress installation to a new server.

WP-CLI is open source software maintained by the WordPress community. You can find thesource code on GitHub at https://github.com/wp-cli/wp-cli

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