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Managed Cloud VPS Fast & Realiable

All Managed Cloud VPS include DirectAdmin (Optional cPanel or Plesk) Fully Managed, Daily Snapshots, Remote Backups, Free Wasabi Storage, Proactive Monitoring, MailChannels SMTP Outbound, and more.

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Managed Cloud VPS Servers

Managed Cloud Servers

All Cloud Servers include at not extra cost: 100% Managed, Proactive Monitoring, Daily Snapshots, Remote Backups, Mailchannels SMTP Outbound, DirectAdmin Personal
(upgrades to cPanel, Plesk available or the panel of your choice available)
Prices calculated based on a 36-Month contract, including a promotional offer for the first period for new customers.

Your Managed Cloud VPS includes

Fully Managed

100% Managed means we will take care of the server for you. You don't have to worry about anything, including initial setup, hardening, upgrades, operating system, application software, hardware, and network. You can contact Us anytime if you need help.

Daily Snapshots

Every day we take an image backup of your server using Comet Backup (already included with all servers); We will store those images for seven days in secure and encrypted remote backup servers.

Remote Backups

Every day we perform an additional file-level backup, and we store your data for 30 days in a Wasabi Cloud Storage bucket; with our image and file-level backups, you will always have two remote backups in two different locations.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor the health of your server and all running services. If we detect anything unusual and an alert is emitted, our skilled support team will investigate and fix it for you.

MailChannels SMTP

Send emails with confidence, knowing that your emails won't be blocked. Many Cloud Providers don't allow mail delivery from their networks, or their deliverability is low; with our Services and MailChannels, your emails always reach their destination

Root Access

100% Fully Managed doesn't mean you lost control. On the contrary, you will have secure root access to your server, perfect for power users who wants to do some of the managing work and let the heavy lifting to us.

High Performance CPU's

Experience unmatched website performance with our High Performance CPUs - the ultimate processing solution for reseller hosting customers. We use only the fastest +3GHz Enterprise Processors from Intel, ensuring that your website runs at lightning-fast speeds.

Fully Optimized

We are experts in server optimization, and we will optimize your server and services like Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, MariaDB, MySQL, Postgresql, Exim, Postfix, and more for maximum performance.

Free Migration

With our expert team of technicians, we can seamlessly transfer your server from any other provider to our cutting-edge infrastructure without downtime. That means no interruptions to your business or website and a seamless transition to our lightning-fast servers.

DDoS Protected

DDoS attacks can be costly and disrupt your business, that is why we have state of the art DDoS protection

Wasabi Backups

Two-level daily remote backups, one of them stored in Wasabi Cloud Storage, and the best part? You don't have to pay anything extra for Wasabi Usage.

NVME Storage

Blazing Fast Enterprise NVMe disk arrays for lightning-fast performance and exceptional resilience.

Our Managed Cloud VPS Guarantee

Experience a real trouble-free VPS hosting experience.

Your server is in the best hands

We guarantee your peace of mind and a very smooth experience

All the support you need in matter of minutes

We offer comprehensive server support, including initial setup, installation, and optimization of required apps and services, as well as application troubleshooting and upgrades. So don't worry; we will handle all your server-related needs.

No more wakeups at night because your server is misbehaving

We keep an eye on your server and apps; if we detect something not working well, we will investigate and fix it; you don't have to do anything, even contact us.

A team of experts eager to help

We want to see your business grow and succeed and be part of your success; our team is ready to help achieve your business goals, from tech support to advice and assistance with special requests or complex setups like multi-cloud load balancing, failover solutions, and more.

Your Data is safe with us.

Two different backups stored in two locations

Block Level Backups

Every day we perform a Block Level Backup; this backup is stored outside your Cloud Provider's network and in different geographic locations; you can restore your whole server to the state it was when the system performed the backup.

File Level Backups to Wasabi

For maximum security, we perform additional daily file-level backups and store your data in a Wasabi bucket. But don't worry; you don't have to pay anything extra for Wasabi Cloud Storage usage.

Fast Servers and Maximum Performance

We guarantee your peace of mind and a very smooth experience.

Maximum Performance

We are committed to optimizing your server to achieve maximum performance and helping you extract the most value from your investment, including initial server and application optimization.

WordPress Ready

Want to host a blazing-fast WordPress or WooCommerce site? We are WordPress Experts! We can help you to make your WP site faster.

A team of Server Ninjas at your service

We are Server Ninjas; we love challenges; from complex geo-located clusters to muti providers setup, we are here to help.

Maximum Security

Free Server Hardening - We setup your servers for maximum security

We keep the bad guys out of your server

Our cutting-edge security features, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems, will keep the bad guys out and give you peace of mind. In addition, you can boost your server security further with add-ons like Bitninja and Imunify360.

FAQ About Managed Cloud VPS

Cloud Servers are virtualized server or VPS that uses cloud computing technology to store, process, and manage data. Cloud servers are located in remote data centers and are connected to the internet. They are scalable and provide on-demand resources. Cloud servers are used by businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises.

Cloud servers offer many advantages, including flexibility, scalability, reliability, and security. In addition, cloud servers can be used for various applications, including web hosting, email hosting, file sharing and storage, application hosting and development, and more.

Cloud VPS has many benefits over traditional servers. For one, they are much more scalable. You can add more resources to your cloud server if you need more storage space or processing power. With a traditional server, you would need to purchase and set up a new server, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Cloud servers are also more reliable than conventional servers. If one of your servers goes down, you can quickly spin up a new one without downtime.

Managed Cloud VPS is a type of hosting where the provider manages the server for you. This can include tasks such as updates, security, and backups.

Managed Cloud Servers can be more expensive than other types of hosting, but they can also be more reliable and offer better performance. When choosing a Managed Cloud Server, it is essential to consider your specific needs and select a provider that offers the features you require.

Managed Cloud VPS can be an excellent option for businesses that need high-performance hosting but don’t have the human resource or know-how to securely manage Linux or Windows Servers.

Managed Cloud VPS can provide your business several benefits, including increased flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. By outsourcing the management of your virtual server to a professional team, you can free up valuable time and resources that can be better spent on other areas of your business. In addition, a Managed Cloud Server can help you to enjoy significant savings on infrastructure and maintenance.

Managed Cloud VPS provides more support and management than unmanaged servers. With a managed server, you can expect your hosting provider to handle routine maintenance tasks, such as patching and upgrades. In addition, managed servers typically offer a higher level of customer support, making it easier to get help when needed. However, all of these services come at a premium price. As a result, managed servers are often more expensive than their unmanaged counterparts. Still, they can save you time and money in the long run.

When choosing a Cloud Virtual Server, there are many factors to consider. Managed Cloud VPS offers several advantages, including the ability to customize the server to your specific needs and the worry-free experience that comes with having expert support. However, they can also be more expensive than self-managed servers.

Consider a self-managed server if you’re on a tight budget. Another critical factor to consider is the type of workload you’ll be running on the server. If you plan on running resource-intensive applications, you must ensure the server has enough horsepower to handle the load. Cloud VPS are a flexible and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Managed Cloud Server providers offer various services, making choosing the best one for your needs difficult. However, RemarkableCloud stands out for its features, affordability, and customer service. Its managed cloud servers are reliable and affordable, and its customer service is responsive and knowledgeable. In addition, RemarkableCloud offers a wide range of features, including DDoS Protection, Proactive Monitoring, Snapshots, automatic remote backups, and 24/7 support. For these reasons, RemarkableCloud is the best-managed cloud server provider.

While AWS and Google Cloud Compute are also popular choices, they are more expensive, and their customer service is less responsive. Microsoft Azure is another option but only offers a few features, such as RemarkableCloud. For the best combination of price, features, and customer service, RemarkableCloud is a clear choice.

Linode, Vultr, and DigitalOcean are all high-quality, cost-efficient cloud server providers, but none are managed. Linode is an excellent choice for businesses that need a lot of flexibility and customizability. Vultr is a good option for companies that need reliable servers with superior uptime. Finally, DigitalOcean is a good choice for businesses that need servers that are easy to set up but none.

Managed Cloud VPS is an excellent option for businesses that want the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud without having to manage their infrastructure. Managed cloud servers have many features and benefits, including 24/7 monitoring and support, guaranteed uptime, and data backups. In addition, managed cloud servers can be customized to meet your business needs. Managed cloud servers provide an exceptional solution for businesses seeking to leverage the power of the Cloud while avoiding the complexities of managing their own infrastructure. With 24/7 monitoring and support, guaranteed uptime, and data backups, managed cloud servers provide everything you need to keep your business running fast and secure.

DigitalOcean it’s an excellent provider, and we make them even better; when you buy a DigitalOcean Droplet from us, you are not just purchasing a server. You are buying a complete solution 

  • 100% Managed
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • MailChannels SMTP
  • Remote Block Level Backups
  • Remote File Level Backups to Wasabi

Our Cloud VPS are as good or better than DigitalOcean servers.

Linode Is another great provider with services in many countries around the world. Still, again they need to be managed, backups are not included, and you can’t buy software licenses like cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc., directly from there.

Our services are as good if they are better than theirs. And it is 100% managed! 


Vultr is an excellent choice if you don’t need managed services, but you can get a Vultr server from us and enjoy the benefits of a fully managed server.

Many good managed cloud providers are out there. Still, Remarkablecloud offers Managed Cloud Servers with remote backups, snapshots, MailChannels SMTP, IDS Protection, DDOS Protections, and fast and friendly tech support service at unbeatable prices. You won’t find a better deal.

Our standard nodes are:

  • CPU’s: Dual Intel Xeon Gold 6248R
  • Cores: 96 HT Cores
  • Speed: 3 GHz / 4GHz Turbo
  • Memory DDR4: 768 GB
  • NVME Storage: 6 x 3.84 TB Enterprise
  • Network: 4 x 25 Gbps

These specs only apply to our nodes; DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google, and AWS have different specifications.

We offer services in 32 locations around de world. Shared and Reseller Hosting are based on US East Coast.

We welcome payments made through all major credit and debit cards (Stripe) and PayPal Payments.

Yes, you will get 2 free months when you pay annually 

Because our Managed Cloud Servers are fully managed, and we need to install your SO and any software you have requested and set up backups, Monitoring, etc., our delivery time can take several hours.

Off-Course! You can start the upgrade directly from your Customer Area; we will handle everything.

Your Managed Cloud Server includes free migration assistance. We migrate your server from any other provider (requires ssh root access)

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