Managed Cloud Servers Fully Managed, Fully Featured, Fairly Priced

Managed Cloud Servers at Unmanaged Prices – Remote Backups, Snapshot, MailChannels, Proactive Monitoring, Fully Managed, All Included! At the same price as unmanaged providers.

Fully Managed Cloud Servers

Welcome to a new era of Managed Cloud Servers where premium service meets affordability. Our ‘Managed Cloud Mastery at Unmanaged Prices’ offers you an unparalleled cloud experience, combining the advanced features of remote backups, snapshots, MailChannels, and proactive monitoring with the full benefits of a fully managed service. And the best part? All these come at the same price point as unmanaged providers. We believe in delivering exceptional value without compromising on quality or performance. Choose us for a cloud service that’s not just about storage and speed, but about comprehensive care, security, and efficiency – all included in one competitive package.

CPU Optimized Managed Cloud Servers

Our CPU-Optimized Managed Cloud Servers are engineered to deliver superior performance with a balanced 2:1 memory-to-CPU ratio and ultra-fast NVMe storage. Each server is equipped with high-speed, dedicated vCPUs, clocking in at 3.0GHz or more, ensuring consistent and rapid processing power. This configuration is ideally suited for a wide range of intensive applications, including web hosting, database management, media streaming, gaming, and data analytics.

2 GiB1 vCPU40 GiB2 TB
4 GiB2 vCPUs80 GiB4 TB
8 GiB4 vCPUs160 GiB6 TB
16 GiB8 vCPUs320 GB8 TB
32 GiB16 vCPUs640 GiB10 TB
64 GiB32 vCPUs1280 GiB20 TB
128 GiB64 vCPUs2560 GiB40 TB
Pay 6 months and get 12 with your annual payment or 50% OFF on your first invoice

General Purpose Managed Cloud Servers

Our General Purpose Managed Cloud Servers are expertly crafted to offer a well-balanced blend of memory and dedicated CPU power, featuring an optimal 4:1 memory-to-CPU ratio. These servers are tailored for a broad spectrum of production workloads, providing the versatility needed for diverse applications. They excel in general-purpose tasks that demand dedicated computing power, augmented by an increased memory capacity and the speed of NVMe storage. Whether you’re handling business applications, web services, or various other tasks, these servers deliver reliable, efficient performance to meet your varied needs.

4 GiB1 vCPU80 GiB4 TB
8 GiB2 vCPUs160 GiB6 TB
16 GiB4 vCPUs320 GiB8 TB
32 GiB8 vCPUs640 GiB10 TB
64 GiB16 vCPUs1280 GiB20 TB
128 GiB32 vCPUs2560 GiB40 TB
256 GiB34 vCPUs5120 GiB80 TB
Pay 6 months and get 12 with your annual payment or 50% OFF on your first invoice

Memory Optimized Managed Cloud Servers

Our Memory-Optimized Managed Cloud Servers are designed to cater to the most demanding memory-intensive applications, offering a generous allocation of 8GB RAM per vCPU. These servers are equipped with ample NVMe storage for faster data access and enhanced bandwidth capabilities. They are the ideal choice for memory-hungry applications, which significantly boost your application’s performance and stability. Whether you’re running large databases, in-memory databases, or other memory-intensive tasks, our servers are engineered to deliver the power and reliability your applications need.

8 GiB1 vCPU160 GiB6 TB
16 GiB2 vCPUs320 GB8 TB
32 GiB4 vCPUs640 GiB10 TB
64 GiB8 vCPUs1280 GiB20 TB
128 GiB16 vCPUs2560 GiB40 TB
256 GiB32 vCPUs5120 GiB80 TB
Pay 6 months and get 12 with your annual payment or 50% OFF on your first invoice

Storage Optimized Managed Cloud Servers

The ideal solution for users demanding both speed and reliability. Equipped with cutting-edge NVMe storage and dedicated cores, these servers boast an efficient CPU:Memory ratio of 1:8. With a whopping 500 GiB of storage per core, they are exceptionally equipped to handle any intensive workload. Whether you’re managing large databases, high-traffic websites, or complex applications, our servers ensure peak performance and steadfast reliability to meet all your storage-intensive needs.

8 GiB1 vCPU500 GiB8 TB
16 GiB2 vCPUs1000 GB16 TB
32 GiB4 vCPUs2000 GiB32 TB
64 GiB8 vCPUs4000 GiB64 TB
128 GiB16 vCPUs8000 GiB128 TB
Pay 6 months and get 12 with your annual payment or 50% OFF on your first invoice

Fully Managed Cloud Server

100% Managed means we will take care of your Managed Cloud Server for you. You don’t have to worry about anything, including initial setup, hardening, upgrades, operating system, application software, hardware, and network. You can contact Us anytime if you need help.

Receive Answers and Solutions in Just Minutes

Our tech support sets a new standard for efficiency and personal touch. Whenever you reach out, you’re guaranteed a response from a real person within minutes, not hours or days. We pride ourselves on providing swift, human-centric support to resolve your queries and issues promptly.

Our team is composed of seasoned experts, each with many years of experience and a deep passion for server technology and security. Their dedication and expertise ensure the highest level of service and protection for our clients.

At RemarkableCloud, every customer is treated as a VIP, and we don’t adhere to support levels seen with other competitors, where additional payments are required for premium support. With RemarkableCloud, premium support is an inherent part of our service for every customer, irrespective of the server package chosen.

Managed Cloud Servers

Server Optimization

We specialize in server optimization, dedicated to maintaining your servers at their peak performance levels. Trust us to ensure that your servers consistently operate at their optimal capacity.

DB Performance

For MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL, we possess the expertise to enhance their speed and security. Count on us to optimize these databases for maximum performance and robust protection.

Backup Configuration

We tailor the best backup strategy to meet your specific needs. Your data protection is our priority, and our team will work with you to implement a customized backup plan that aligns perfectly with your requirements.


We specialize in setting up servers to meet your unique needs and specifications. Additionally, our team can seamlessly install any required software or implement custom configurations based on your preferences.

Error Troubleshooting

As server experts, we are committed to assisting you in resolving any technical issues you may encounter with your servers and applications. Count on our expertise to provide swift and effective solutions, ensuring your systems run smoothly

Server Security

Our mission is to keep malware, spammers, and hackers at bay, ensuring the security and integrity of your server. Trust us to safeguard your digital assets and maintain a robust defense against online threats.

Free Migration

We specialize in seamless migrations, ensuring a smooth transition from any other provider without causing downtime. Trust us to handle the process efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your services.

root access

While our servers are fully managed, it doesn't mean you lose control. Our Managed Servers come with root access, providing you with the flexibility and control you need to customize and manage your server environment according to your preferences.

Server Monitoring

We keep a vigilant eye on your servers 24/7 to ensure seamless operations. If any issues arise, our dedicated team is ready to detect and promptly resolve them, ensuring continuous smooth functioning of your systems.

3-Layer Backups

Recognizing the paramount importance of your data, we have meticulously implemented a robust 3-layer backup strategy. Our comprehensive approach is designed to fortify your data against unforeseen contingencies or disasters. Rest assured, at every level, we’ve deployed measures to safeguard your information, providing you with a resilient and secure data protection framework

How Backups Works

Daily Snapshots

On a daily basis, we capture a snapshot of your server, enabling us to restore all your data to the exact state it was in when the snapshot was taken. These snapshots are not only efficient but also rapid, taking only a matter of seconds to create and a few additional moments to seamlessly restore. This swift and reliable process ensures that your data remains intact and accessible, providing you with peace of mind in the face of unforeseen events.

We’ve implemented a redundant disk-level backup system. Every day, we conduct full backups of your servers. These backups are stored on dedicated backup servers and replicated to remote backup servers. This dual-layered approach enhances the resilience of your data protection strategy, safeguarding against a broader range of potential issues, including hardware contingencies.”

We provide complimentary Wasabi storage space for file-level backups. With Wasabi Storage, you can securely store backups generated by JetBackup, cPanel native backup, or any other backup system at no additional cost.

Proactive Monitoring

To ensure a seamless experience with zero service interruptions, we employ a vigilant monitoring system that assesses the health of your Managed Cloud Server and running services every minute. Should our monitoring system detect any anomalies, it promptly alerts our dedicated support team. Subsequently, we initiate a thorough investigation and promptly address and resolve the identified issue, ensuring the continuous reliability of your services.

How Proactive Monitoring Works

We employ dual monitoring methods to ensure the comprehensive health check of your MAnaged Cloud Server. Firstly, through our Virtualization Platform, and secondly, via an agent installed directly on your server. These agents actively collect and transmit data on various metrics, including service status, load, memory, MySQL, HTTP, mail, disk usage, and more, every minute.

In the event of any deviation from the normal range, multiple alerts are automatically dispatched to our Support Team. We promptly investigate and resolve the incident, all without the need for you to open a support ticket. This proactive monitoring system allows us to address potential issues swiftly, ensuring the continuous reliability of your server without any additional effort on your part.

MailChannels SMTP

Unlike many providers that face issues with blocked ports, IPs with a bad reputation, or a network crowded with spammers, RemarkableCloud takes a different approach. We route all your outbound mail through MailChannels to guarantee the highest deliverability. With MailChannels, your emails will consistently land in the inbox, avoiding the pitfalls of spam folders and ensuring effective communication.

How Our SMTP Mail Works

Email is critical to any organization that is why we offer the best email experience. With your server at RemarkableCloud you don’t have to worry about bad reputation IPs, blocked IPs or Neighbors spamming, Your outbound email always reach the inbox.

1- Mail is redirected to our Mail Gateway

We implement a smarthost configuration to efficiently redirect all external email traffic through our Mail Gateways. This ensures a streamlined and secure handling of external emails, enhancing overall email delivery and security for your server.

In our Mail Gateway Appliances, we conduct thorough checks to clean any potential spam and viruses from incoming emails. Additionally, we verify the presence of correct SPF and DKIM records to enhance the overall security and integrity of your email communication.

Ensuring the highest email deliverability standards, only clean emails with correct SPF/DKIM records make their way to MailChannels from our Mail Gateway Appliances. This meticulous filtering process guarantees that your outbound emails maintain a pristine reputation, optimizing their successful delivery to recipients.

MailChannels goes a step further by not only checking for outbound spam but also carefully scrutinizing each email before sending it to the recipient. This proactive approach ensures that your domains and IP addresses maintain a positive reputation, staying clear of any blacklists and fostering consistent email deliverability.


AlmaLinux, a community-driven open-source OS, serves as a reliable alternative to CentOS. It offers stability, security, and a CentOS-compatible experience with long-term support. AlmaLinux’s forte lies in delivering a secure, enterprise-grade platform with timely updates, making it a compelling choice for Linux users.


Official Web:
almalinux icon 1


Debian, a renowned open-source operating system, is celebrated for its stability, versatility, and commitment to free software principles. Its forte lies in providing a robust and reliable platform that caters to a wide range of computing needs. Debian’s extensive package management system and strong community support contribute to its reputation as a dependable choice for users seeking a solid foundation for their computing environments.




CloudLinux, a leading operating system designed for shared hosting environments, excels in enhancing server stability and security. Its forte lies in innovative features such as Lightweight Virtualized Environment (LVE) technology, which isolates users and ensures fair resource distribution. CloudLinux effectively mitigates the risk of server overload, enhancing the overall performance and reliability of web hosting services. With a focus on stability and security, CloudLinux stands out as a specialized and valuable solution for hosting providers seeking to optimize their server environments.


almalinux icon 1


Ubuntu, a widely used open-source Linux distribution, is renowned for its user-friendly interface, regular updates, and extensive software ecosystem. Its forte lies in providing a seamless and accessible experience for both beginners and experienced users. Ubuntu’s strong community support and commitment to usability contribute to its popularity, making it an excellent choice for individuals and organizations seeking a reliable and easy-to-use operating system for various computing tasks.


ubuntu icon

Windows 2022 Server

Windows Server 2022, Microsoft’s latest server operating system, excels in delivering advanced features for modern enterprise environments. Its forte lies in enhanced security protocols, improved container support, and a focus on hybrid cloud scenarios. With features like Azure Arc integration, Windows 2022 Server enables seamless management of resources across on-premises and cloud environments. The operating system’s emphasis on performance, security, and hybrid cloud capabilities positions it as a robust solution for businesses seeking a versatile and secure foundation for their server infrastructure.