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Managed Cloud Servers

100% Fully Managed – Snapshots – Remote Backups – Mailchannel Outbound SMTP – Proactive Monitoring – Ultra Fast NVME Storage – KVM Virtualization – Fast and Friendly Technical Support – DDoS Protection – Root Access and much more.

Managed Cloud Servers

100% Managed Cloud Servers

Daily Backups - Snapshots - Proactive Monitoring - Mailchannels SMTP

ServerMemoryCPU'sNVME StorageTransferPrice
s1.micro1 GB125 GB1 TB$10.99
s1.small2 GB150 GB2 TB$18.99
s1.medium4 GB2 80 GB4 TB$32.99
s1.large8 GB4160 GB6 TB$61.99
s1.xlarge16 GB6320 GB8 TB$120.99
s1.2xlarge32 GB8640 GB10 TB$237.99
s1.3xlarge48 GB12960 GB16 TB$354.99
s1.4xlarge64 GB161280 GB20 TB$471.99

Get up to 50% Discount in your first invoice with your annual payment

Get a double discount when you order your Managed Cloud Server annually or superior: A recurrent discount for prepaying plus a 50% discount on your first invoice

Free 100% Management (save $20/month) This is a time-limited offer. Act now!

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Choose your Control Panel cPanel, Directadmin, Plesk or other

Use the control panel you want, We support cPanel, Directadmin, Plesk Obsidian, and streaming control panels like Centova, and MediaCP. Mail servers like Zimbra, CrossBox, and much more.

Need something different? Let’s talk, we can customize your Managed Cloud Server to suit your needs.

cPanel/WHM Free
100% Fully Managed

We are available 24/7 to proactively manage your Cloud Server for you. That’s why we catch and fix issues before they become problems

Around the clock Tech Support

You don’t need to be a server expert to have your own Managed Cloud Server. In fact, you don’t need to know anything. We take care of your server’s initial installation and configuration and set any software or control panel you need in your server

FREE Proactive Monitoring

Our Pro-Active Monitoring Services take your management services to the next level. Each minute +200 parameters of your server are verified; if something goes out of their normal status, an alert and a support ticket are automatically created; our technicians will investigate and fix the issue.

cPanel Shared Hosting
Backups - We've got you covered

Losing data is never nice. Unfortunately, human errors, hardware failures, sabotage or security breaches can cause data loss to any organization. You need a robust backup system but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our hourly snapshots and daily backups to a remote location.

Horly Snapshots

We automatically take a snapshot of your server every hour, and the last four are kept. With a snapshot, we can restore your server as it was when the snapshot was taken in minutes. You can also take a snapshot on demand at any time. You can have only one on-demand snapshot, and they are deleted automatically after 24 hours

Daily Backups

Snapshots are excellent and fast, but they have a disadvantage, they are stored in the same node as your server; if the node fails, the snapshots are gone but don’t worry. We’ve your back again; every day, we take a backup of your server, and the data is stored in a backup server located in the same data center or in a closer one to speed up the backup and restore process.

Remote Backup Syncronization

Daily backups are fantastic, right? But what happens if the data center gets fire or a natural disaster occurs?. Relax, We’ve got you covered. We take your remote backups and send a copy to a remote geography location every day. The remote geography location is at least 1000 miles away (1600 km) from your server’s location.

File level Backups

For long term backups, we use object storage buckets and we keep all your data up to 90 days


Have you been blocked by Microsoft or Google? Outbound spam might be to blame

Today, cybercriminals are constantly hacking into your user accounts and taking over your servers. Then they send their spam and phishing attacks out of your IP addresses, wrecking your network reputation and getting your network blocklisted everywhere.

MailChannels protects your servers against email abuse so that you get the best email deliverability for your customers.MailChannels delivers all your email, stopping spammers in their tracks. And when we find a spammer, we let you know about it. So you can disable the account they just stole, and hopefully find out how the spammer got in in the first place.

MailChannels is included for free up to 25K mails per month in all Managed Cloud Servers

Managed Cloud Servers
Powerful Cloud Nodes

You want your apps and sites running fast, and we have the best way to achieve your goals; our unique combination of powerful nodes, dual redundant network, multiple NVME disks in RAID10 array, and non-oversubscribed nodes delivers the power you need

Dual 2 x 25 Gbps Public Network

Fast data transfer thanks to our dual 2 x 25 Gbps public internet connectivity per node. Each node has 2 x 25 Gbps additional network links for backup, and private networks.

100% NVME Enterprise Storage

Our Enterprise NVME Disks are 6 to 10 times faster than SSD disks. and with RAID10 arrays with multiple disk we can achieve super high IO speed

New Generation processors

AMD Epyc Processor or Dual Intel Scalable power our cluster, Our typical workhorse has 128 Cores x 2.40/3.00 GHz, 1024 GB DDR4 RAM and multiple NVME disks in a RAID10 array for maximum speed and data integrity

What can I do with my server?

Our Managed Cloud Servers are the construction blocks of your digital infrastructure, and they can be customized with the right software to meet your business needs. Common uses are:

Host your App, Ecommerce or Site

Host any site or app on your own server. We can install the software of your preference, like Nginx, Litespeed and all you need to host your app or website

Shared Hosting Providers

Many of our Managed Cloud Servers are Shared Hosting Providers. With a control panel like cPanel, DirectAdmin or Plesk and Cloudlinux, Litespeed and Imunify360

Mail Server & Business Server

Want to have your own non-shared mail server? we can help you. With MailChannels already integrated and the right mail software like CrossBox or Zi,bra

Database Server

Users use our Managed Cloud Server to host a central database for a distributed and mobile apps apps like POS and inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

When my server will be ready?

Each server is setup by a expert technician, hardened and optimize, because this is a manual labor it can take between 2 to 4 hours to have your server ready

Will you migrate mi data from another provider?

Absolutely, send us a ticket to discuss the best migration strategy for you.

Can I upgrade my server as my business grows?

Yes, is very easy to upgrade your server, most of the time just need a fast reboot

Is my server DDoS Protected?

Yes, We have network-level DDoS protection, in case of being a DDoS target our firewall will automatically  block the atack and your server will receive only clean traffic

Can i prepay for several months or years?

Yes, you can prepay up to 36 months and get a mega discount

Do you provide root access to my server?

Yes, you will have full root access to your server, if you don’t want root access, just let us know and we will block remote root access to your server

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