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High Grade Cloud Servers Unmatched Performance and Reliability

Experience the ultimate in performance, reliability, and scalability with our powerful cloud server. Guaranteed resources, lightning-fast storage, Proactive Monitoring, Remote Backups, Free Snapshots, and expert management.

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High-Grade Cloud Servers

All Cloud Servers include at not extra cost: 100% Managed, Proactive Monitoring, Daily Snapshots, Remote Backups, Mailchannels SMTP Outbound, DirectAdmin Personal
(upgrades to cPanel, Plesk available or the panel of your choice available)
Prices calculated based on a 12-Month contract, including a promotional offer for the first period for new customers.

High-Grade Cloud includes

Fully Managed

100% Managed means we will take care of the server for you. You don't have to worry about anything, including initial setup, hardening, upgrades, operating system, application software, hardware, and network. You can contact Us anytime if you need help.

Daily Snapshots

Every day we take an image backup of your server using Comet Backup (already included with all servers); We will store those images for seven days in secure and encrypted remote backup servers.

Remote Backups

Every day we perform an additional file-level backup, and we store your data for 30 days in a Wasabi Cloud Storage bucket; with our image and file-level backups, you will always have two remote backups in two different locations.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor the health of your server and all running services. If we detect anything unusual and an alert is emitted, our skilled support team will investigate and fix it for you.

MailChannels SMTP

Send emails with confidence, knowing that your emails won't be blocked. Many Cloud Providers don't allow mail delivery from their networks, or their deliverability is low; with our Services and MailChannels, your emails always reach their destination

Root Access

100% Fully Managed doesn't mean you lost control. On the contrary, you will have secure root access to your server, perfect for power users who wants to do some of the managing work and let the heavy lifting to us.

High Performance CPU's

Experience unmatched website performance with our High Performance CPUs - the ultimate processing solution for reseller hosting customers. We use only the fastest +3GHz Enterprise Processors from Intel, ensuring that your website runs at lightning-fast speeds.

Fully Optimized

We are experts in server optimization, and we will optimize your server and services like Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, MariaDB, MySQL, Postgresql, Exim, Postfix, and more for maximum performance.

Free Migration

With our expert team of technicians, we can seamlessly transfer your server from any other provider to our cutting-edge infrastructure without downtime. That means no interruptions to your business or website and a seamless transition to our lightning-fast servers.

DDoS Protected

DDoS attacks can be costly and disrupt your business, that is why we have state of the art DDoS protection

Wasabi Backups

Two-level daily remote backups, one of them stored in Wasabi Cloud Storage, and the best part? You don't have to pay anything extra for Wasabi Usage.

NVME Storage

Blazing Fast Enterprise NVMe disk arrays for lightning-fast performance and exceptional resilience.