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Business Email Features

Inbox Champ: Beat Spam

Land in Inboxes, Not Spam! AI-powered MailChannels guarantees it.

CrossBox: Teamwork Reinvented

HD calls, screen share, chat - all built into your emails. Connect & collaborate.

Audio/Video Conference

Free SSL included in every WordPress Hosting plan.

Chat Across Teams & Customers

Instant connections, inside & out. Chat with colleagues, clients, anyone!

File Flow: Effortless Sharing

Send & receive files with ease. Teams, clients, anyone.

AI Guardian for Your Inbox

No more spam headaches. AI learns your preferences, keeps inbox clean.

Your Data is Safe

Sleep soundly. Daily backups keep your emails & files safe, 24/7.

Smart Contacts: Auto-List Magic

No more manual adding. Your email connections automatically join your list.

Share Instantly, No App Hijack

Skip downloads, screen-share directly from your inbox. Collaborate seamlessly, anywhere.


Experience Confidence with Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: No complications, no risks. We’ll refund your payment if our service doesn’t meet your expectations.

Increase you productivity Business Email

Beyond just sending emails,’s Professional Email service elevates your business communication to new heights. Imagine impressing clients with your own branded domain emails, boosting productivity with seamless collaboration tools like video meetings and file sharing, and resting assured knowing your messages are protected by advanced security features. Our service helps you ditch the inbox chaos and streamline workflows, turning communication into a powerful asset for your success.

We’re obsessed with deliverability, so your emails never get lost in spam limbo.

Here’s our ironclad approach:

1. Authentication Superheroes: We vigilantly protect your domain reputation with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records – think of them as your email’s security guards. ️

2. Outbound Email Under a Microscope: Every email leaving your server undergoes a thorough screening process to ensure only legitimate messages make it through.

3. Partnering with the Best in the Biz: We’ve teamed up with the industry’s top email delivery providers – MailChannels, MailBaby, and Amazon SES – to ensure your emails get the VIP treatment.

Manage all your email domains in one central hub – no juggling multiple accounts or dashboards.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring Your Domains Together: Add as many domains as you need, whether it’s 2, 20, or 200. They’ll all coexist happily under one account. ➕➕

  2. Create Email Addresses with Ease: Set up professional email addresses for each domain, keeping your branding consistent and your communication organized.

  3. Switch Domains Effortlessly: Seamlessly switch between managing emails from different domains within the same interface, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

Say goodbye to email account overload! With, your domains unite for ultimate efficiency and control.

Scaling your team shouldn’t mean scaling your email headaches. With, unlimited mailboxes unlock freedom and flexibility for large teams:

  • No limits, no worries: Need 100, 500, or even 1000 mailboxes? No sweat. We’ve got you covered.
  • Onboard new team members seamlessly: Add new mailboxes instantly, so your team can hit the ground running. ⚡
  • Keep everyone connected: Foster collaboration and communication with shared inboxes, aliases, and group emails.
  • Cost-effective scalability: Grow your team without outgrowing your email budget. We scale with you, not against you.

Stop cramming everyone into a shared inbox or juggling multiple accounts.’s unlimited mailboxes give your team the space and tools they need to thrive.

Tired of juggling communication tools? CrossBox is your game-changer. It’s not just email – it’s your entire business communication hub, powered by industry-leading integrations like Mattermost and NextCloud.


  • Seamless collaboration: Chat, video call, share files, and manage tasks – all within CrossBox. No more app switching, just effortless teamwork.
  • Enhanced productivity: Powerful project management tools from NextCloud keep your team focused and on track.
  • Streamlined workflows: Automate routine tasks and processes with built-in automation features.
  • Secure communication: Rest assured, your data is protected with enterprise-grade security features.
  • Flexible integrations: Expand your capabilities with a wide range of third-party apps like Mattermost for even more communication options.

CrossBox isn’t just about communication – it’s about empowering your business to work smarter, together. Leave the scattered email days behind and unlock a truly efficient, collaborative work environment.

Business Email

Business Email FAQ's’s Business Email isn’t just about sending mails. It’s your branded communication hub, boosting teamwork, security, and productivity – all in one easy-to-use platform. Level up your business communication, impress clients, and watch your workflows soar.

Ditch the inbox chaos! Here’s why’s Professional Email service outshines free options:

1. Brand Your Business: Impress clients with professional email addresses using your domain name, not generic ones like

2. Supercharge Collaboration: Seamless video meetings, file sharing, and integrated calendars boost teamwork and productivity.

3. Fort Knox Security: Advanced spam filters, virus protection, and secure servers keep your data safe and emails private.

4. Always Connected: Mobile access and webmail ensure you’re never out of the loop, wherever you are.

5. Effortless Management: User-friendly interface and intuitive tools make managing email a breeze, not a chore.

6. Scalable for Growth: Choose flexible plans that adapt to your business needs, big or small.

Free email offers convenience, but empowers your business communication with features, security, and scalability that free options can’t match.

Yes, you must use your own domain in order to use our services

There is no one-size-fits-all for teams, so we say grow BIG with no limits! ✨ Create as many mailboxes as you need, seamlessly onboard new team members, and empower your email experience with

Bring all your domains to the party! For ultimate email control, host as many as you own under one account.

Note: You or your entity must own domains. Reselling or hosting third-party domains is not permitted.)

No, it is not! prioritizes personal connections and legit business communications; please use a third-party service for bulk mail like newsletters, email lists, and e-bulletins 

Yes, to ensure the safety of user accounts, maintain the reputation of your domain, and keep our systems performing optimally, we impose a daily limit of 3,000 external recipients per domain. Please note that this limit applies only to emails sent to external domains outside your account. Emails sent internally—between addresses within your own domain or to other domains within your account—are unlimited and not counted towards this daily limit. Customers with a consistent history of responsible email usage and who manage multiple mail accounts may qualify for an increase in this limit.

Yes, we can certainly accommodate your needs with custom plans offering up to 50 TB of storage. These plans are designed for businesses that require high-availability storage for email and files, ensuring you have ample space and reliable access to your critical data. Let me know if you would like more details on these options or if there’s anything specific you need.

MailChannels is an email delivery service used by RemarkableCloud to improve email deliverability and minimize spam. It ensures your legitimate emails reach their intended recipients by routing outgoing emails through their specialized network, reducing the chances of getting blacklisted or marked as spam. To learn more about MailChannels and its features, check out their official website.

CrossBox is a comprehensive, modern webmail solution available through RemarkableCloud that provides a feature-rich email experience. With CrossBox, users can manage their emails, contacts, calendars, and chat seamlessly from any device. It supports collaboration through shared folders, file sharing, and real-time chat. Discover more details about its functionality and features on the CrossBox website.

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