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Business Email Service Improve your Business Productivity

Videoconferencing – 1GB Upload Files – File Sharing – Screen Sharing – Shared Calendars – Drag & Drop File Sharing – Task Management – Global Address Book – Chat Channels and more.

Best Deliverability, AI-Assisted Spam Filter, NextCloud Pre-Installed, MatterMost Pre-Installed, CrossBox, and much more. 

Business Email Plans

Prices calculated based on a 36-Month contract, including a promotional offer for the first period for new customers.

Unlimited mailboxes

Make it as big as you want

Say goodbye to overpriced email services and hello to a reliable solution packed with all the tools your business needs. No more juggling multiple accounts or worrying about storage space. Get your hands on an unlimited mailbox today and take control of your communications.

Experience unbeatable deliverability and reliability. Switch to our email service – the ultimate alternative to Google Workspace, Office360, MXRoute, and more!

100GB mailbox 1

Reach the Inbox not to the spam folder

Maximum Deliverability

Say goodbye to email delivery woes. RemarkableCloud’s Business Email Services guarantee inbox delivery using trusted SMTP providers like MailChannels. No more worrying about bad IP reputations or RBL-listed IPs.

Stay focused on your business, not spam. Let us handle the incoming junk with our reliable spam filter.


Boost Your Productivity With an Unlimited Mailboxes and Storage

Text, Audio & Video

Seamless Communication with RemarkableCloud's All-in-One Business Email Solution! Keep your conversations flowing, from email to high-quality audio and video calls, conferences, and chats - without leaving your inbox.


Say goodbye to lost emails and hello to seamless communication! With our mail service, your messages always reach their inbox destination not the spam folder.

Intelligent Anti-Spam

Advanced and intelligent spam filter, less spam means fewer distractions and more productivity

Mobile Apps

Stay Connected with RemarkableCloud Anywhere, Anytime! Never miss a beat with our fully-featured apps for Android and iOS. Take your smart email service with you on the go, and stay productive and in touch even when you're away from your desk.

Big Attachments

Unleash the Power of File Sharing with RemarkableCloud's Mail Service! Say goodbye to email size limits and easily send files up to 1GB. No need for clunky third-party apps - RemarkableCloud makes sharing huge files effortless.

Machine Learning

Streamline Your Inbox with RemarkableCloud's Smart Email Service! With machine learning, teach your email preferences and let it do the work. Your Smart Mailbox will keep all your important emails organized.

Advance Search

Say Goodbye to Frustrating Searches with RemarkableCloud's Unlimited Mailbox! No more irrelevant results or dead ends. Effortlessly find anything, even those deeply buried email attachments from years ago, with RemarkableCloud's powerful search.

Email Import

Effortless Email Migration with RemarkableCloud's Business Email Solution! Say goodbye to the stress and hassle of moving your emails. Simply enter your email details, sit back, and relax as RemarkableCloud's import tool does all the heavy lifting.


You can consolidate all your email accounts into a user-friendly interface, making managing, organizing, and prioritizing your emails easier. So say goodbye to the hassle of logging in and out of multiple accounts, and hello to efficient, productive email management.

Screen Sharing

Collaborate Effortlessly with RemarkableCloud's Built-in Screen Sharing! No need to leave your inbox or download clunky third-party apps. RemarkableCloud's powerful screen sharing features allow you to start or join sessions with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Global Connectivity

Instant Global Communication with RemarkableCloud's Easy-to-Join Channels and Calls! No forms to fill, no apps to download. Simply share a link from your invitation email and enjoy real-time communication with anyone in the world, at your fingertips.

File Sharing

Seamless File Sharing with RemarkableCloud's Business Email Solution! Effortlessly share files and folders both internally with your team and externally with clients. Simply select the contacts and generate a shareable link for easy access, all from within your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

About your Unlimited Mailbox
  • Is perfect for small to medium teams.
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals
  • As a low-cost alternative to Gmail, Google Workspace or Office360

With our Unlimited Mailboxes, you can easily assign your mailboxes to different domains, and the best part? You can  create unlimited mailboxes at not extra charge,

We Use the following stack:

  • DirectAdmin for provisioning
  • WHMCS for billing
  • Proxmox for clustered/failover virtual mail servers and failover storage.
  • MailChannels for mail delivery
  • Rspamd with custom rules for spam detection.
  • CrossBox as WebMail & Comunication Suite.
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway
  • Wasabi for backups and cold storage

With our Superior Email Service, you can easily import your emails from any IMAP provider directly from your email panel. So, you can enjoy the benefits of our Unlimited Mailboxes without losing any of your precious email data.

Unlike other email services that limit attachments to 25 or 50 MB, with your RemarkableCloud Business Mail, you can send attachments of up to 1GB. In addition, when you send large files, your Mailbox will automatically include a download link in the email, making it easy to share big files. Get the best email service for your business with our Business Mailboxes.

Yes, there is a limit of 500 emails per hour per email account.