SSH Access

What is SSH

SSH, or secure shell, is a protocol that allows for secure remote login and file transfer. It provides a secure way to connect to a remote server and execute commands or transfer files. In this blog post, we’ll give you a basic overview of SSH access and how to use it. 

How Outbound Filtering Works

Outbound filtering with MailChannels works by using a smarthost to route all outgoing mail from your server and sending it through MailChannels’ servers instead. Once the mail arrives at MailChannels, it is scanned for signs of spam using a variety of sophisticated mechanisms. If the mail is determined to be legitimate, it is forwarded on to its destination; if it is found to be spam, it is blocked and discarded. As a result, you can be sure that only clean, legitimate mail is ever sent from your IP address—and that spam doesn’t stand a chance of causing problems.

If you need to frequently log into different servers—for example, if you’re a developer who needs to access staging and production servers regularly—you can use an SSH configuration file to store connection information for all of the different servers you need to access. That way, you don’t have to remember complicated connection strings; you only need to open your SSH client and connect. 

In addition to logging into servers, as we mentioned earlier, you can also use SSH tunnels to tunnel traffic securely through an unsecured network. This can be useful when you’re working on sensitive data and want to ensure no one on the network can snoop on your traffic. To do this, you’ll need an SSH client and a local proxy server like Squid (for Windows) or Privoxy (for Linux/macOS). Once you have those setup, you can configure your browser or other applications to route their traffic through the proxy server—thus encrypting your traffic with SSL/TLS encryption and ensuring no one on the network can read it. 

SSH Access

SSh Benefits

SSH access provides users with a secure remote login and file transfer protocol. With SSH access protocol, website owners have increased security measures and options for file management from another location besides being physically present at their site. SSH also provides website owners with increased options for how they want their site protected from outside sources. It also provides them insight into activity occurring on their site(s) at any moment. 

How can I get SSH Access

SSH Access is included for free in all our cPanel Reseller Packages, Cloud Hosting plans, and  Managed Cloud Servers.

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