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What is MailChannels

If you manage a website or server, you know spam is a constant problem. Not only does spam cost you time and money to deal with, but it can also damage your reputation if it’s coming from your IP address. That’s where MailChannels outbound filtering comes in. By redirecting outgoing mail through MailChannels’ servers, you can be sure that only legitimate mail is being sent from your IP addressโ€”and that any spam is blocked before it can cause problems.

MailChannels SMTP is a cloud-based email delivery service for reliable and secure communication. It ensures high deliverability by filtering and monitoring outgoing emails, preventing spam issues, and maintaining a positive sender reputation. This service is a scalable solution that helps businesses send emails efficiently and securely.


How Outbound Filtering Works

Outbound filtering with MailChannels works by using a smarthost to route all outgoing mail from your server and sending it through MailChannels’ servers instead. Once the mail arrives at MailChannels, it is scanned for signs of spam using a variety of sophisticated mechanisms. If the mail is determined to be legitimate, it is forwarded on to its destination; if it is found to be spam, it is blocked and discarded. As a result, you can be sure that only clean, legitimate mail is ever sent from your IP addressโ€”and that spam doesn’t stand a chance of causing problems.

A smarthost is a mail server that routes outgoing emails from a network to the internet. It acts as an intermediary between the email client or server within the network and the external mail servers. The smarthost is responsible for forwarding, relaying, or delivering outgoing emails, providing additional features like enhanced security, logging, and performance optimization. Organizations often use smarthosts to improve email delivery, manage outbound traffic efficiently, and implement policies such as encryption or authentication before emails reach their intended recipients.


MailChannels Benefits

  • Improved email deliverability
  • Stops outbound spam and ensures that emails reach the recipient’s inbox
  • Spam filtering:ย Blocks outbound messages before they leave the network
  • Protect domain and IP reputation

How can I get MailChannels

MailChannels is included for free in all our cPanel Reseller Packages, Cloud Hosting plans, and in all Managed Cloud Servers.

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