High Performance CPUs

At RemarkableCloud, we are committed to delivering our clients the best possible web hosting experience, which is why We only use high-frequency, high-performance Intel  Dual Gold processors with clock speeds of +3GHz or the new AMD Epyc Genoa Series.

By Using these powerful processors, we can offer lightning-fast website and application speeds that keep our clients’ websites running smoothly and efficiently. High-frequency processors allow for quicker data processing, faster query execution, and improved performance overall.

Maximum Performance for your Cloud Server

Superior MySQL Performance

Equipping your system with a high-performance CPU is crucial for enhancing the efficiency of CPU-intensive applications, such as MySQL. The superior processing power provided by a capable CPU significantly contributes to optimizing MySQL performance, ensuring smooth and responsive operation for your database-intensive tasks.

Experience accelerated PHP speed on our Managed Cloud Servers featuring dedicated high-speed processors. A swift and efficient CPU is tailored to meet the demands of PHP applications, ensuring that your PHP-based apps run seamlessly and with enhanced speed. Unleash the full potential of your PHP applications on our platform for a faster and more responsive user experience.

Managed Cloud Servers

Dedicated High-Frequency Cores Benefits

Benefits of Dedicated High-Frequency Cores: Choosing RemarkableCloud as your web hosting provider with high-frequency dedicated cores processors boasting clock speeds of +3.0GHz brings forth many advantages.

  1. Blazing Fast Performance: The increased clock speeds deliver rapid website and application speeds, ensuring a superior web hosting experience.

  2. Reliability: Our dedication to high-frequency cores contributes to the reliability of our hosting services. You can trust RemarkableCloud for consistent and dependable performance.

  3. Stability: Using high-frequency dedicated cores enhances the overall stability of our hosting environment. Experience a robust platform that ensures your websites and applications remain stable and responsive.

For the best possible web hosting experience characterized by speed, reliability, and stability, RemarkableCloud stands out as the optimal choice.

How can I get Dedicated High Speed Cores

All Managed Cloud Servers are equipped with high-frequency dedicated cores

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