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CrossBox is designed for those who settle only the best – it’s beautiful, stunningly fast and comes with advanced features. These provide you as well as your team members cutting edge communication technologies that can’t be found anywhere else!

CrossBox Communications Suite

A powerful platform that enables businesses to communicate with customers team members and partners in innovative ways.

What is CrossBox

Do you find yourself constantly juggling multiple tasks simultaneously? Are you having a difficult time communicating with your team and clients? If so, you may need to start using CrossBox Communication Suite. This app can help make your business run smoother by allowing you to easily manage all of your communication needs in one place. CrossBox Communication Suite includes features like task management, file sharing, messaging, Audio/Video Conference, and a beautiful and easy-to-use webmail interface, which makes it the perfect tool for busy professionals. 

In a nutshell CrossBox is a webmail app on steroids

What CrossBox can do for me?

CrossBox is a powerful and feature-rich communication suite

CrossBox Main Features

CrossBox has a long list of features designated designed for those who settle only for the best


Chat Channels (slack-style) for your internal team. you can also invite anyone outside your organization

Audio/Video call

With CrossBox, you can start a high-quality audio and video call, a conference, or a chat session without ever leaving your inbox.

Screen Sharing

There is no need to leave your Inbox and download a third-party app only to share a screen or collaborate with someone.

File Sharing

Simply drop files into the channel window, and of you go — Files are instantly available to everyone.

File Storage

Swiftly upload files to your personal online storage with a simple drag-and-drop, and have everything quickly accessible to you

Powerfull Mail

Beautiful and easy-to-use webmail clien full of advanced features to help you work with your emails fast and efficient

How do I get CrossBox?

CrossBox is available for free to all our web hosting customers. In addition, cloud and Bare-Metal Server customers can order CrossBox as a paid addon.