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Experience the Cloudlinux power

The Operating System designed for Web Hosting Providers

What is Cloudlinux

CloudLinux is a unique operating system that has been specifically designed to improve the performance and security of web servers. It is based on CentOS, which is stable and reliable. Cloudlinux provides many features and benefits that are not available with other operating systems, including:

  • Easy management of server resources
  • Improved security for your website
  • Better performance and stability
The Cloudlinux Benefits

Discover why is the best operating system for Web Hosting Providers and website owners

Cloudlinux Main Features

Cloudlinux has a long list of features designated to improve the server stability, security and performance

LVE Manager

Prevents a single tenant from using all the CPU, IO, and memory resources on a server.

PHP Selector

The PHP Selector lets customers select the specific version of PHP they need.

MySQL Governor

MySQL Governor is a tool that monitors MySQL usage to prevent abusers from slowing down the server.

Node.js Selector

Node.js Selector allows you to deploy Node.js applications on cPanel/DirectAdmin running Apache/Litespeed web server.


CloudLinux OS Shared Pro includes the PHP X-Ray tool, which helps pinpoint performance bottlenecks in WordPress sites.


CageFS is a virtualized, per-user file system that prevents users from seeing each other and viewing sensitive information.

How do I get Cloudlinux?

Cloudlinux is already included in all our Hosting plans and is available as a paid addon in Managed Cloud and Bare-Metal Servers