Our 3 Tiers Backup Strategy

How Backups Works

At RemarkableCloud, we take the security and protection of your data very seriously. That’s why we perform multiple data backups daily, ensuring your information is always safe and secure.

Daily Snapshots

Every day, we automatically capture a snapshot of your server. These snapshots are securely stored for 24 hours. For Managed VPS users, the flexibility extends further—you can initiate or request an additional snapshot anytime. This feature is perfect when you need a quick and hassle-free way to revert to a previous state before implementing site updates or other changes.

Throughout the day, we conduct disk block-level backups of your data. We retain the last seven days of these backups, ensuring a comprehensive snapshot of your system’s state. These block-level backups are stored in a local backup server within the same data center, facilitating swift backup and restore operations. To enhance data security, these backups are replicated to a remote location, providing additional protection for your valuable information.

In addition to our routine processes, we conduct file-level backups of your data, securely storing them in an external provider—Wasabi Cloud Storage.

As a special offering, each Managed VPS comes with a complimentary Wasabi bucket, providing double the storage capacity of your server. This ensures ample space for your backups without any additional cost.

For file-level backups, we offer flexibility by supporting any S3-compatible software of your choice. Whether it’s JetBackup for native cPanel/DirectAdmin backups or any other preferred backup tool, you can tailor the backup process according to your needs and preferences.


3-Tier Backups Benefits

Our backup and storage systems are designed to be robust and reliable, using industry-leading technology and best practices to ensure that your data is always protected. We monitor our backup systems closely to ensure that they are running smoothly and efficiently, and we test our backup and restore processes regularly to ensure that they are working as intended.

How can I get Cloudlinux

Our 3-Tier Backup Strategy is included at no extra cost in all our cPanel Reseller Packages, Cloud Hosting plans, and and in all Managed VPS.

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