Affiliate Program Earn Passive Income by Referring New Customers to Our Cloud Hosting Services.

Affiliate Program” page of RemarkableCloud. Our affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by referring new customers to our cloud hosting services. Join our program and become part of our community of affiliates who are earning passive income while promoting high-quality cloud hosting solutions.

How it Works Our Affiliate Programs

Referral links and cookies-based affiliate programs are very unreliable, and you could lose your hard-earned commission; with our system is impossible to lose commissions. This is how it works:

Instead of using referral links, you will offer discount coupons, and who doesn’t love to save money? When your referral uses the discount coupon in our store, he/she will get a discount, and we will know with zero error margin that the referral is coming from you, and you will get your commission accredited to your account. 


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With RemarkableCloud's Affiliate Program you earn more! How much will I get paid?

We offer generous commissions for each successful referral you make to our services! You can earn $100 for each referral who signs up for our RemarkableCloud Servers, Reseller Hosting, or Cloud Hosting services. For our Shared Hosting service, you’ll receive a commission of $50 per referral. For referrals who sign up with other providers’ Cloud Servers, you’ll still earn a commission of $50. So start spreading the word and making serious cash – the endless possibilities!

With our Affiliate programs everybody wins How much my referrals will save?

Your referrals will receive an amazing 50% discount on their first invoice, no matter what payment plan they choose. For instance, if they sign up for a monthly plan of $100, they’ll only have to pay $50 on their first invoice. But if they go for an annual plan, they’ll save a whopping $500 on their first invoice! And the best part? You’ll earn a sweet $100 commission for every successful referral. Don’t wait – start sharing today and start earning big rewards!

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Affiliate Program

Is easy you just need to create an account at

Some examples:

  • Blogs: If you have a blog, writing an article about us and offering a discount coupon to your readers is an effective way to get referrals
  • Newsletters: Offer your subscribers your coupon discount 
  • Social Media: Got followers? convert your social media presence in a money making machine
  • Forums: Post your promo codes in relevant forums (check forum rules before)
  • Mouth to Mouth: Nothing beats the power od mouth to mouth marketing; share your experience with RemarkableCloud with your friends and colleagues and offer them a discount coupon

What is not allowed:

  • Spam: Don’t use spam to promote your affiliate program. We will cancel your account if you do use spam.
  • Selling or asking for anything in return for the discount coupons for example: “Buy X product and get a RemarkableCloud discount coupon.”
  • Anything illegal in US and/or your juristicion

There is a waiting period of 60 days; after that, you can request a withdrawal directly from your panel; there is no minimum amount.

We use PayPal to send your commissions; you can also request to direct your commissions to your RemarkableCloud account as funds to use for RemarkableCloud Services

No, you can’t use your own coupons

Login to your Control Panel

Go the Affiliates >> Vouchers

From there you can create your Vouchers for each promotion

Yes, we recommend to create one Voucher for each promotion